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Accepting Applications for the 2016 October Walk

The goal of the Emmaus Community is to strengthen Church Leaders through a Christ led Pilgrimage known as “Walk to Emmaus”.

Fall 2016 Walk Dates

Men's Walk is October 6th - 9th
Women's Walk is October 13th - 16th

So why can't I get a straight answer about what this is?

Well, it's because of well-intended but misguided beliefs. As I mentioned above, the intent of the weekend is for each individual to have a deep and personal encounter. We believe that a God who has created every human being to be a unique "one-of-a-kind" person is fully capable of creating tailor made experiences for each one of us. Therefore, although you may be able to fundamentally relate to my experience, it will not have the same effect on you. So the idea here is to go on this walk not expecting anything specific. If I tell you what I experienced then I predispose you to expect or look for something. God's perfect timing may mean that whatever you're looking for is still a ways away. Leave yourself open to what He has for you during your walk. So...This concept of "I'd rather you experience it for yourself" turned into "I'd rather not tell you", and again into "I can't talk about it" and again into "It's a secret"... and pretty much now days some sponsor may not even tell you where you're going. This is not correct. Sponsors, Stop Doing This!!

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